HLRN-IV phase 1 in Göttingen open for all users

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The first phase of the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen is now open for all HLRN
users. Further information:

  • Please check the HLRN-IV pages for documentation.
  • Please also check the list of known issues.
  • Data migrated from the Hannover site in HOME, PERM and WORK (only data registered for migration) is accessible on the Göttingen system. Please note that a very small amount of data in PERM has to be retrieved from a second copy and will be available later.
  • Due to a new user database structure, the group ownership of some your files was changed to a group of the same name as your username.
  • Due to incompatibilities with the new operation system, existing shell configuration files have been moved, please check this page.
  • You might need to move or edit further incompatible configuration files. A list can be found here. It currently only contains .gitconfig, but will be updated as needed.
  • Disk quota are currently disabled but will be enabled soon, so please be considerate regarding your storage usage.
  • Job quota will be enabled on Jan 19, 2019.

Thanks for all your patience. Have fun with the new system.

Best regards

Christian Boehme and the HLRN team

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