External target host handling revised, effective August 5.

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Action required!

Dear users,

from August 5, 2019, on HLRN will open outgoing network connections world wide, however limited to destination ports for ssh, http, and https (22, 80, and 443). At the same time HLRN will remove the list of external target hosts, that a number of users have maintained, as this is not needed anymore.

Action is required for users, that need to connect to external servers
in their workflow via non-standard ports. This includes

  • users of commercially licensed software (Abaqus, Ansys, CFX, StarCCM+, etc.)
  • users connecting to external ports other that the above mentioned.

Those users, and others, that experience connection problems in their workflow on HLRN after August 5, should immediately contact HLRN Support indicating the external host (hostname and ip address) and the port(s), that need to be reached from HLRN.


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