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Important dates:

August 5th, 2019: Begin of the user initiated data migration phase in Berlin
October 21st, 2019: Cray XC40/30 is powered off forever

Dear HLRN users,

we want inform you about the next major steps in preparing the operation of the phase 2 of the HLRN-IV complexes in Berlin and Göttingen.

To our regret, due to the high power demands for the computer systems and cooling it is technically impossible for us to make a smooth transition in Berlin from the old to the new HLRN system, and in Göttingen from the phase 1 to the full system, respectively.

With the start of the test period of the new HLRN-IV configuration in Berlin the compute resource of the old HLRN-III system (Cray) need to be switched off (forever). Operation of the HLRN-IV system in Göttingen will be interrupted to integrate phase 1 and phase 2.

In the following, we provide you with the best technical solution for the transition to the new HLRN-IV system. Of course, the HLRN team will be happy to give you further information and to assist you in this transition process.

You will find more details and regularly updated information about the installation of the phase 2 of the HLRN-IV system at


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